Friday, May 27, 2022

KCSE 2019 Biology Paper 1

2. (a) Besides venation state two other external characteristics of leaves that can be used to classify plants   (2mks)

  • shape of the leaf/lamina i.e broad or narrow 
  • leaf margin i.e serrated/smooth/lobe
  • leaf sheath/petiole i.e presence or absence
  •   leaf apex pointed/absent   

(b) Explain why the bat is   classified as a mammal yet it flies

  •    body covered by fur/hair
  •      the bat is viviparous/ gives birth to young-ones
  • Has external ears/pinna
  •   has sweat glands

3. The diagram below illustrates a specialized cell obtained from a certain tissue


(a) Name the cell

  •  Nerve cell/ Motor Neurone

(b) State two ways in which the cell is structurally adapted to its function

  •   has myelin sheath which insulates the axon thus enhances transmission of nerve impulses
  •   It has numerous dendrites to deliver or transmit nerve impulses

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Biology Paper 1 KCSE 2019 Question 1

 1. Name three characteristics of living things illustrated by each of the activities described below

(a) Dressing heavily                                   (1mk)

Irritability or response to stimuli or sensitivity

(b)Bursting of the sporangium in Rhizopus sp  (1mk)


Kapsabet High School KCSE Mock CRE Paper 2 Marking Scheme

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