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Kapsabet High School KCSE Mock CRE Paper 2 Marking Scheme


1.   a)  Jewish expectations concerning the messiah

·    They expected a political messiah who would overthrow their colonial rulers.

·     The messiah would rule the world from Jerusalem and receive homage from all nations of the earth.

·    The messianic kingdom would be a temporary Jewish kingdom like the Roman kingdom but more powerful.

·    The establishment of his kingdom would be preceded by cosmic signs.

·    The messiah would be from David’s lineage

·     He would come after the return of Elijah.

·     He would not associate with the poor, sinners and gentiles.

·     He would perform miracles.

·    The messianic kingdom would be accomplished through God’s judgment on Israel’s enemies.                                                                                                      7 x 1 = 7mks)

 b) Similarities in the annunciation of the birth of John and that of Jesus.

o   Both were announced by the same angel.

o   In both the angel said that the child would be great.

o   in both  the children to be born would be boys.

o   In both children would be filled with the Holy Spirit.

o   In both the angel revealed the mission of each child?

o   In both the  recipients of the message doubled it.

o   In both the angle gave assign to make them believe.

o   Both children were given a name before birth.

o   In both the births would be through divine intervention

i.e. Mary was a virgin and Elizabeth was baren.                                    7 x 1  = 7mks)



c) Lessons that Christians learn from the annunciation of the birth of Jesus.

§  Mary was morally upright so youths should emulate her.

§  Christians should humbly accept Gods intended will for their lives.

§  God has a purpose for every children hence parents should guide their children to achieve their purpose.

§  Christians should believe in Jesus since he is the son of God.

§  Christians should trust in God for there is nothing is impossible to him.

§  God exalts the humble and rejects the proud.

§  God wanted Jesus to be part of a human family in order for him to identify with the human race.                                                                                        6 x 1 = 6mks)


2.      a)  Advantages of monogamous marriage

§  It enhances conjugal rights in the family

§  It upholds the dignity of family members.

§  Security is enhanced.

§  Love is un divided

§  It eases wrangles on property ownership.

§  It is a covenant protected by God

§  Law and order prevails in the family/there is unity

§  It reduces the chances of being infected with Hiv/Aids

§  It is easier to develop mutual confidence and trust among the family members.

§  It reduces delinquency among children

§  The woman takes pride in the marriage.

§  Providing for the family is easier.                                                       7 x 1 =  7mks)


b)  Importance of children in both Christianity and Traditional African society.

o   In both children take care of their parents in old age.

o   In both children ensure the continuity of the community

o   In both children inherit their parents property

o   In both children are a sign of God’s blessings

o   In both children is a source of labour.

o   In both children cement the relationship/stabilize marriage.

o   In both children are source of wealth.

o   In both they are a source of joy/happiness         6 x  1 = 6mks)


c)  Ways through which Christians help to minimize conflicts between parents and

     children in Kenya


o   Guidance and counseling/advising them.

o   By praying for families

o   Making fair judgment when solving conflicts

o   Christians setting a good example to others in the society.

o   Teaching/preaching the word of God concerning family life.

o   Organizing seminars/ workshops where parents/children are taught their roles/responsibilities.

o   Airing programmes on family life on television/Radio

o   By assisting needy families with finance/materials so as to minimize conflicts 7  x 1 =7mks)


3.      a )Outline Jesus teaching about the Kingdom of God.                        (7mrks)

i)  It is God who establishes his Kingdom. He is like a sower.

ii) Jesus has brought /ushered in the Kingdom of God through his works and his very person.

iii)The kingdom of God is a present reality, as the sower God has sown the seed and it is growing.

iv)God searches lost individuals /restore them to the kingdom.

v) The Kingdom of God starts in a small way/grows secretly to include all the nation of the worlds.

vi)The kingdom of God is for the righteous ones.

vii)There is rejoicing in the kingdom when one lost individuals is retrieved /brought back.

                        (Any 7 relevant points x 1= 7mrks)

NB: candidates do not have to quote a parable.


b) Narrate the parable of the sower.(Luke 8:4-15)                     (8mrks)         

i) When crowds from every town came to him, Jesus gave the parable of the sower.

ii)A sower went to the field to sow seeds.

iii)Some of the seeds fall on the footpath where they were stepped on and eaten by the birds of air.

Some fell on the rocky ground they grew up a little but they dried up due to lack of moisture.

iv) Some fell on a fertile soil, they grew and bore fruits.

v) The seed is the word of God.

vi) The sower represents God or his messengers.

vii) The seeds that fell along the path are those people who heard the word then the devil comes and takes away the word from their hearts that they may not believe and be saved.

viii) The seeds that fell on rocks are those who when they hear the word of God, they receive it with joy but for a while, because when temptations comes they fall away.

ix) The seeds that fell on the thrones are those who hear the word but as they go their way they are carried away by the cares and riches and pleasures of life and their fruits do not mature.

xii) Those that fell on fertile are those who hear the word of God, hold it in their hearts and bring forth fruits.  (Any 7 relevant points x 1= 7mrks)


c) State the challenges faced by new converts in the church today.   (5mrks)

i) They are sometimes not fully accepted/integrated.

ii) The older Christians may not serve as role model.

iii) They may not be involved in activities /given responsibilities.

iv) Older Christians expect them to change faster than they can.

v) Some experience problems of communication /language barriers.

vi) They may lack Christian literature to strengthen their faith/guidance and counseling.

vii) In large churches they get lost in the church/not recognized.

viii) The financial demand of the church may be too much for them.

ix) Lack of assistance/concern when a new member is in need.

x) Some get frustrated when their expectations are not met.

xi) They maybe rebuked/embarrassed in church /public. (Any relevant 5 points x 1= 5mrks)


4.      a) Give the teachings of Jesus on the role of the Holy Spirit. (7mrks)

i) The Holy Spirit is a counselor /helper.

ii) He comforts

iii) He teaches

iv) He guides

v) He judges /convicts the world.

vi) He is a companion.

vii) He strengthens.

viii) He empowers.

ix) He reminds /convinces people on righteousness.

x) He glorifies Jesus Christ.

xi) He reveals the things of God/reveals thing to come. (Any relevant 7 points x 1= 7mrks)       


b) Explain how the unity of believers is expressed in the image of body of Christ. (1ST cor 12:12-31)    (8mrks)

i) Paul describes believers as the body of Christ.

ii) Christ is the head of the church.

iii) The believers’ forms part of the body.

iv) The body has different organs .In the way the church has different members.

v) They all need to work together for the well being of the church.

vi)Every part of the body is needed to make it whole/all parts are interdepent /one part cannot be without the other.

vii) The different church members are given different spiritual gifts by the holy spirit to carry out God`s work.

viii) There should be no division in the church since all the believers are members of the body of Christ.

ix) Believers are united through baptism.(Any relevant 8 points x 1= 8mrks)


c) State five ways in which the gift of the Holy Spirit have been abused in the church today.   (5mrks)

i) Cheating that one has a certain gift of the holy spirit/pretence.

ii) Commercialization of the gifts /people are asked to pay money before being prayed for.

iii) False interpretation of the Bible /prophecy.

iv) Unscrupulous Christian may import demoniac powers on innocent faithful.

v) Wrong use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit where faithful get into ecstasy /trance which may lead to injuries.

vi) Distinguishing oneself as a person with special call/preachers with an intention to exploit others.    (Any relevant 5 points x 1= 5mrks)


5.      (a) Outline six prophecies of Jeremiah about the Messiah. (Jeremiah 23: 5 – 6)    (6 marks)

o   The Messiah would come from the house of David.

o   He would be righteous /righteous branch.

o   He would reign as King.

o   The Messiah would rule wisely/deal wisely.

o   He would execute justice and righteousness in the land.

o   In his days, Judah would be saved/bring salvation upon Judah.

o   In his days, Israel would dwell securely/He would provide security / safety in Israel.

o   He would be called “The Lord is our righteousness”.(6 x1 = 6 marks)

(b) With reference to Luke 1:16 – 17, state the mission of John the Baptist from the message of angel Gabriel to Zachariah.   (8 marks)

o   He would reconcile the Israelites to God.

o   He would go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah.

o   He would bring justice /turn the disobedience to wisdom of the just.

o   He would prepare people for the coming of the Messiah.

o   He would turn the hearts of the fathers to the children.        (4 x 2 = 8 marks)


            (c) State six lessons Christians learn from the role of John the Baptist? (6 marks)

                Christians should:

ü  Preach the message of repentance to the people.

ü  Bear fruits that befit repentance.

ü  Condemn immorality in society.

ü  Preach about judgement that would be effected by Jesus.

ü  Practice charity.

ü  Be content with their pay.

ü  Be truthful about others.

ü  Be baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire.

ü  Should be honest in their dealings.

ü  Should separate themselves from evil and do good.    (6 x1 = 6 marks)



6.      a)        

                I.The Bible – To christians the bible is the word of God hence they draw their morals from it


               II.Gods revelation – God reveals himself through His prophets dreams and visions which guide christians on how they should behave in given issues


               III.Faith in God – Faith in God motivates a Christian to make ethical decisions

               IV.Teachings of Jesus – Christs teachings guide a christians decision making that involve moral judgement


               V.  Secular state law – being citizens of their countries christians are guided in behavior by the constitution of that country


               VI. Authoritative Christian literature – christians also derive their ethics from inspired books written by theologians on moral judgement


               VII.The neutral laws – It means the awareness that one has to choose good and avoid evil

               VIII. Church community – Christians get guidance on moral behavior from teachings they get from their churches


                IX. Knowledge and free will – A normal person has the ability to assess the morality of situations using his/ her reasoning ability


               X. Church rituals – eg. Marriage, baptism are also good sources of Christian principles and when entered into one


              XI. vows to remain faithful, thereby shaping their morals.            (7×1=7mks)



a.      Honesty – One who is honest is reliable and faithful

b.      Love – Love should be directed to all irrespective of social states, gender, race or ethnicity or age

c.       Faithfulness – The principle of being truthful and trustworthy

d.     Justice – This is the moral principle of being fair


e.      Chastity – A state of being pure physically, spiritually and morally. It implies having good sexual morals in and outside marriage


f.        Respective – That value that makes us treat others with honour and appreciation. Respect for other peoples property in the society enables people to enjoy their wealth in peace.


g.      Humanity – The acknowledgement of ones qualities, abilities and inadequacies. It is accepting ones self with his/ her strength and weaknesses


h.      Perseverance – One who preserves does not give up easily however challenging a situation or task is.                                                                                                                              (8×1=8mks)



o   Poor parental upbringing

o   Drug and substance abuse

o   Greed of luxuries which one cannot afford

o   Breakdown of traditional taboos governing sex

o   Permissiveness in the society

o   Availability of contraceptives

o   Uncontrolled sexual craving

o   Peer influence

o   Curiosity of adventure among the youth

o   Lack of guidance and counseling to the youth

o   Poverty which causes some to take to commercial sex working

o   Pornographic literature and films                                                                         (5×1=5mks)


Kapsabet High School KCSE Mock CRE Paper 2 Marking Scheme

  1.    a)   Jewish expectations concerning the messiah ·     They expected a political messiah who would overthrow their colonial ruler...